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Dear Reader,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read the International Trade Council‘s Global Business Confidence Survey.

This report provides important insights into the current state of the global economy by country and sector. It is designed to be a useful tool for business executives who may be looking at upcoming investments and capital expenditures, policy-makers seeking to better understand industry concerns; and legislators hoping to alleviate potential bottlenecks that may inadvertently hinder growth.

Some of the most important questions faced by organizational leaders:

“Are others in my industry considering new investments in their business or are they pulling back?”

“What is the global sourcing situation looking like at the moment? Should I diversify my supply chains, or consolidate them?”

“How are geopolitical changes affecting others?”

“What countries or regions are good targets for expansion?”

“Am I ahead of the curve or behind it?”

Using the results contained on this website as a guide, we hope that you will be able to better understand the concerns and future focus of their peers, have a greater comprehension of the innovations and challenges within your affected economy and be able to better analyze your organizational standing in comparison to others.4

The International Trade Council Global Business Confidence Survey | A Business Confidence Index | Global Business Confidence Internationally

R. R. Adams
International Trade Council

  • The International Trade Council serves government trade and investment agencies, industry associations, chambers of commerce, and corporations involved in international trade.

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  • Why a business confidence survey?

    Monitoring business confidence levels is important as it is a key barometer and a leading indicator of business conditions and the overall health of the economy.

    By tracking changes in business confidence, policymakers and investors can make informed decisions and take actions to promote economic stability and growth.
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